Christmas Around the corner


Hey !

The snow is falling constantly out side my window and it puts me in a christmas mod.

I’ve started early with christmas shopping this year so I am allready finished :). I have also made some presents by myself. And i fhought i would show you some of my home made presents. And i would love to hear what kind of presents you guys are making for your friends and family. You can almost never get enough of inspiration.

Have a nice day




About craftgirlsworld

Hi there! I am a person that love to create things and see what I can accomplish by myself. I draw, paint in watercolor and sometimes with acrylics. Fimo clay is also something that I like to work with but i also do so much more. If you would like to see what I’am up to next just come and have a look at my blog CraftGirlsWorld. I will try to make some tutorials of the different crafts im working with, so stay updated and see what will come next.

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