Crafty everyday



Today I really feelt like painting so I did and it turned out pretty good.

It’s a pinting of a wisteria. I really love those flowers, on of my favorites.

I have also painted on som heart shaped christmas tree balls.

Yesterday i made a spa set for my friend as a christmas present. I think it’s nice to know exactly what is in the product you use. And i can aslo say that it was very easy to make with just ordinary things you have at home.

I made a body scrub and it is super easy and fun to make .

The basic ingredients are

  • sugar
  • oliv oil
  • and something extra for scent and appearance. For exampel orange or lemon zest, You can use food coloring to choose what color you want your scrub to be.
  • ( other things you can have for scent in your scrub is chocolate, tea, honey and many more things, as long as it does not irritates your skin.

And then your done. But you also need a pretty jar to keep the body scrub in. This will make a perfect gift at any occasion.


And see you soon




About craftgirlsworld

Hi there! I am a person that love to create things and see what I can accomplish by myself. I draw, paint in watercolor and sometimes with acrylics. Fimo clay is also something that I like to work with but i also do so much more. If you would like to see what I’am up to next just come and have a look at my blog CraftGirlsWorld. I will try to make some tutorials of the different crafts im working with, so stay updated and see what will come next.

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