Sewing in snow and painting


Hey !

Just when you tough spring was soon on it’s way it starts snowing, the way you wished it had on christmas. Don’t get me wrong I love the snow but I also want to have spring so I can work in my garden. I am really looking forward to the tulips and so on. I think that I plated them nice. We just have to wait and see.

Somedays ago i started sewing on a part dress/tunik. I have had the pattern and the fabric a long time and never really had the feeling to start on it but now I had. It isn’t finished yet bout i have just some minor details left.

I have tought about opening an etsy shop for sometime now but I never do it. I have to make the time some day.

I am also working on a watercolor painting, I think that i have told you about it before. I think that it is starting to look good.

I have painted with watercolor for some time, but it can never hurt with tips and tricks. So if any of you has one please tell. 

Have a nice snowy day ( or  no snow )





About craftgirlsworld

Hi there! I am a person that love to create things and see what I can accomplish by myself. I draw, paint in watercolor and sometimes with acrylics. Fimo clay is also something that I like to work with but i also do so much more. If you would like to see what I’am up to next just come and have a look at my blog CraftGirlsWorld. I will try to make some tutorials of the different crafts im working with, so stay updated and see what will come next.

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