No crafting day today



I have some stuff I want to show you, that i made some days ago.

But it has to wait because i’m sick at the moment. Have been for some days now. So there for there will be no crafting to day, I really have to rest, so I can fell better soon.But i feel better today beacuse now i can eat and drink, couldn’t do that 2 days ago. 

So when i’m well, i will submit some photos.

bye for now



About craftgirlsworld

Hi there! I am a person that love to create things and see what I can accomplish by myself. I draw, paint in watercolor and sometimes with acrylics. Fimo clay is also something that I like to work with but i also do so much more. If you would like to see what I’am up to next just come and have a look at my blog CraftGirlsWorld. I will try to make some tutorials of the different crafts im working with, so stay updated and see what will come next.

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