Cold Friday


Hi !

The snow is still on the ground and it is 10 degrees below zero.When if it is cold out side, it is really nice to take a walk with my dog. And he never says no to a walk so it’s fun to walk with him. The nature is also very pretty. The trees was covered of frost the all morning.

I almost always forget to take a picture when I’am out, but I have to do it so I can show you guys.

I have some suff i wanted to show you. This is a bracelet that I made a week ago or so.

I really like it beacuse there are so many beads on it. Have never made this kind of bracelet before, but I have always wanted to try and so I did ( as you can se ). 

On the backside of the sun you can read; made with a smile. I think it’s cute.


I have though about art journaling but I’m not really sure how to do it. I have seen other peopel do it and it is very pretty.

Does anybody have a tip or something ? Would help a bit 🙂

Hope you all have a nice day

And i will finally submit a photo of my watercolor painting.

See you soon





About craftgirlsworld

Hello there and welcome to my blog! I am a Scandinavian craft lover, that enjoys creating things. Here you will encounter clay creations, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, tutorials and more. If it sounds interesting, take a look. Check out my instagram @craftgirlsworldart

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