Surprise and Craft


Hi !

Yesterday I was at a surprise party for my cousins. They had choosen to celebrate all three of them at the same time, so there where many people there. It was really funny to see when they understood that it was a party at home, and they thought that they were going to have a nice and calm saturday night, but that was not the case. 🙂 But I think that they really appreciated it. So I made three bithday cards for them in watercolor and ink. And I am very content with the results, and they said that they liked them so that is a good sign.


I totally love this card.



I have not had so much time for craft this week. I have been very tired. But when i have some time left crafting is almost the only time i do. I love to make things with my hands, and i don’t know if i should call it addictive. But I want to craft almost all the time, maybe it’s just me ?

I was in the city some days ago and I found a thing that I have been looking for a long time. It was a chalk board, but it was pretty plain. But I bought it anyway beacuse I wanted to re decorate it. It was in a light tree color and at first I painted it blue green ( one of my favorite colors right now ) but i was not satisfied with the results so decoupaged it. But I was still not

satisfied so I painted it in another green blue color and used sand paper to make it look vintage/old. I also glued on lace to each side, to make it more pretty, and then finally I was glad with the results. 🙂 Thired time the charm as some say .
So here is the photo of the finished product.
Hope you all have a nice day.
See you soon

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