Trouble, spring and craft


Hi !

I hope this post gets published have had some trouble with posting things the last few days. I have written things and then they have just disappeared. So I will try once again to write something.

I took actually a photo of the snow 2 days ago and that was lucky because now it is gone. And I think that maybe it was the last time it was snow now for a long time. So I will so you guys  hopefully the last snow for now. Yesterday the spring sun came out and lighten up the day and if that is not a sign for spring I don’t know what.


I have tried to make som crafts with metal cans insted of just throwing them away. First i tried to paint them with acrylic color and some of them turned out well and some did not. I almost think that you need to use a special kind of paint on the metal cans, so that the paint won’t come of. I also tried to decoupage them, and it was very fun to do that. They also looked very pretty. But I have not decided yet what to use them for. They just have to stand and look pretty till i figure that out.


Now when I am still talking about decoupage I just wanted to tell you about a thing I’am working on. It is a small cabinet that i have painted white and then am going to decoupage the inside and the outside with vintage images, like ads and post cards. I just love the look of vintage things. Maybe soon I will be finished with that, so I can show you.

I am also working on a bracelet that is inspired of enlish afternoon tea. So I have made clay miniature pastries and bread to have as charms on the bracelet. It is not fnished yet but in time I will submit a photo.

Hope you all have a nice day

See you soon

Bye Bye


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