Animals and Wind


Hi !

Now finally the snow is gone but it is kind of windy outside. The snow will not be gone for long becauseI have heard that it is going to be a snow storm very soon.But lets hope not.

I long for the spring to come for real and I’am really looking forward work in the garden.

I have thought for a long time on a thing that I was going to make for a friend. I had so many ideas. But some days ago I just got a great idea. Why don’t I try make a cuddly animal? And so I began with it. I wanted some fun fabric, so I took some fabric leftovers from a dress. I made a pattern out of my mind. And then I  just put the pieces together. I have not had that fun sewing something for a long time. I will definitely make more of them. It was so fun. 🙂



And my friend loved it. So I’ am happy for that:)

I am really into decoupage now a days. You can do so much stuff with it, and it turns out so pretty. I made another trash can with only decoupage. I use pages from an old book and I also printed out some vintage images. I am so in love with it ( can you be in love with a trash can ? but  I like it any ways ). 

I will post some photos soon.

I think that you guys are going to see some watercolor sketches soon on my blogg. It was a while little while since i painted ( i think ). But I will probably come soon.

Hope you guys have a nice evening/day

Bye  Bye

See You Soon

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