The Magic Of The Night



So now at last the summer is here with its sunshine and beautiful day but of course the rainy days to. All of this is a part of the summer and thats what I’ve been looking forward to.

Today it was one of the warmest days i think, but maybe it was also becaouse I was working in the garden. I have finally placed the stones in the place i want them and then I have to use some concrete to make it stable. So its been a hard working day today and tomorow I will probably continue with it and then I have to to a make-over to one of my flowerbeds. So hoppefully I will be soon finished.

But I am also thinking about to make like some decorations for the garden. Maybe some lanterns of some jars or cans and I have decied to try once again to make things in concrete.

I got souch a wounderful idea today when I was working in the garden. Its a very different way to have your flowers. When I have made this ideas to reality I will take a photo and share with you.

Now im in this kind of state where I paint maquerade masks. I find them so beautiful and fun to paint them. There are so many kinds,shapes and sizes of masks. But I have also started to make a mask of my own. So far I’ve only made the base but I will decorated it. I just have a hard time to decied how I want it to look like ( there are so many ideas in my head but soon it will come to me )

I have more drawing thatv i will submit soon. This mask drawing is not finished yet.





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