Monthly Archives: September 2016

I return with more crafts



It’s been an incredibly long time since i posted anything here on my little blog. I have decided to give it a new try and hopefully i sticking with it this time. I have still been doing my crafty things, but I have some periods when I draw more and some when i create in clay more. So the content in this blog is not only going to be devoted to one type of craft but several. Right now I’m in my clay period so it’s only fimo clay that’s on my mind but of course I also paint and create other things ocasionally.

So the first thing I’m going to show you is a present i made just some days ago for my grandfather’s birthday. It’s a wooden box and one of the side are covered with clay figures and are suppose to resemble my grandparents when they were younger. I sadly don’t have a tuturial on this one but I will try to make with my next fimo clay project.

I hope you enjoyed this little reading session and my clay craft.

Have a nice evening, day or morning depending on where you are on this earth

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