Bedtime drawing and a sketchbook


Hi to you all!
Today I thought that I would upload something different to my recent posts, so that’s why you will see some of my latest drawings and doodles. It was just some days ago that I discovered drawing before bedtime or actually in bed, I just got the idea one evening when I didn’t feel like reading. So then I thought why can’t I just draw in bed? and so I gave it a try and I completely love it. I think I will call it bedtime drawing but of course there is probably more people than me that does this. For me this was almost like a revelation, to use my creativity and accomplish things at the same time as it helps me to fall asleep. I can absolutely recommend this as a stress relief before entering the world of dreams. So here is a sampel of my first bedtime drawings, not all of them are finished yet it is an ongoing process. The doodles are created with different sizes of ink pens.



Apart from drawing at a late hour I also do it whenever I can or have the urge for it. These drawings are from my Moleskin sketchbook. They were created some while ago but I thought that I could show you them anyway. The first one is a drawing from this summer and it’s created from a bridge with the view of the mainland. The second one is a fashion illustration I made when I wanted to improve my skills at drawing the human body and clothes. The last one was an idea I had that I would paint all the places I visited during a year and to add the key moments of those trips as illustrations, so this was one of the pages from this idea.

I hope you had a fun time in this blogpost and that I’ll see you in my next one soon.
Now I wish you all a god evening, night, day or morning wherever you may be one this earth.






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    • Yes its fun to see others creations and to get inspired by them. Thank you very much it makes me very happy that you think so 🙂 by the way we share the same namn Johanna 🙂 Thank you for visiting My blog.

  1. You are a natural!you need to so more of these!I use to do bed time drawings as fact it was the best time I felt ready to be creative..where I can just lay out all my references and art materials on the bed and get creating lol.the mess all around me and me sitting cross legged with my sketchbook blancing on my knee..the memories lol..I really liked your watercolours best..they seem unique.

    • Thanks again 🙂 I am sketching almost everyday, so i will soon have a post with some of my new drawings. Well thats fun to hear that others then me have done the same. It’s actually very relaxing but its a little hard to have all the materials in the bed, i always lose my eraser. I like to paint with Watercolor the most but i also enjoy working with other types of medium like ink. But i will soon post some watercolors.

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