Mosaic here, there and everywhere


Hello everybody!
This weekend a long and quite testing project came to its end. For a long time, my mom wished to have a Moroccan mosaic garden table and now finally this year we decided to get one. But I also thought that I would give it a try myself. Therefore, the end of the summer I started with a mosaic table, my first ever mosaic project. At first I couldn’t decide what tiles and color combination that I would use. After a lot of research and inspiration on sites like Pinterest, an image of the table appeared in my mind. I bought small mosaic stones on sheets in various shades of green and blue. An old garden table, that was in need of a remodeling would become my guinea pig during this process. The table top is made of glass and that’s why I had to use a special multifunctional glue for outside use instead of the ordinary sealant. I also had to think about the weight of the mosaic of the tabletops material.
The first step I took with this table was to clean the surface so the glue could stick properly. I wanted to have a complex pattern and I wanted to decide the color combination of the mosaics. Therefore, I had to cut out all the stones from the sheets and then sort them in to piles according to color. I should say that only this process took a long time and if I would do it again I would not buy mosaic sheets only loose stones, at least when you are dealing with more detailed layouts.

The second step consisted of sketching the design on the glass surface. I had different round objects that I used as stencils to create circles. Before jumping into the gluing I place mosaic as outlines around every circle and then I started to glue them to the table. It was very sticky and detailed but it didn’t make it easier that I had to use gloves to protect my hands. I found that a big tweezer was very helpful when placing the mosaic in the glue. This step of the project was the most time consuming and took me maybe one week with late nights. It was important to me that all the circles were distinctive and of course some time also flew by when I tried to make this possible. I actually finished up with the gluing part some month ago but however there is a third step and you could say that it is the most crucial stage.

The third and last step was to use grout between all the spaces. I would think that it wouldn’t take that long time and that much effort but it was more work than one can expect. To fill in the spaces with grout approximately took an afternoon because you also need to polish of the grout from the mosaic stones witch can be a little tricky. Before you start putting on the grout put some masking tape to protect the table stands edges. But now two months later the table top seems to be finished maybe some extra details will be added later on but basically its done. The details that I mentioned was that I possibly want to change the color of the table stand from grey to black, but of that I’m not quite sure yet. I also decorated two folding chairs with the same mosaic, this time I kept the sheet on the back because the design is simpler than the table. The chairs are in desperate need of a new splash of paint and that is something I will do when the time is given.
I wrapped up the project this weekend and now today mom mothers real Moroccan table arrived. I compared the two tables but it’s quite hard to do so because they are to unlike for it to be a fair comparison. I like both of them but I dared to say that I adore mine a bit more.


If you see something fluffy in the pictures is my dog, he is always around when things are occuring.
List of supplies
Table (the table top does not have to be of glass)
Mosaic, tile in whatever shape or color you prefer
Mosaic tools such as Tile Nippers and Tile Cutters, then YOU WILL need PROTECTIVE GLASSES! if you want to shape or cut your tile.
Multifunctional glue that fits for your surface and purpose or sealant (depending on your surface)
Big tweezer
Plastic gloves
Pen (for marking your design)
Masking tape
Sponge (for cleaning the mosaic tile from grout)

Now when I’ve been talking about the bought table I thought that i might as well have to show you a picture of it.


I hope that this post was inspiring to see and read. Now I wish you all a good day, afternoon, evening or morning  wherever you may be on this earth.


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  1. So glad you found my blog…then I found yours! I’m impressed with all the different arts you do. This mosaic is a beauty! As a retired art teacher, I used to work in a number of mediums. But as I’ve grown older, I am sticking to painting. So watercolor and urban sketching is my area of concentration. But I will travel vicariously through your journey with mosaic, clay, and all the others!

    • Thank you so much for your very kind words, that really lights up my day. I love to try new types of crafts all the time and that’s why my blog contains so many different things. I’m happy i found your blog to, i think it’s so fun to see other peoples crafts and art styles. Thank you once again for your very kind words and it means alot coming from someone educated in this field.

    • Thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you to say 🙂 I get so happy when i see that people like what i do and especially when someone leaves a comment. Thank you for coming to My website.

  2. This is the first crafty blog I discovered on WordPress and il be following you around!I’m mad about creating too but I’ve never really gone on a project like the one I’ve just read- a mosaic table sounds so lovely but quite minefield of all the things that could go wrong for me were brave and confident and it all paid off!beautiful Intricate design,your mother must have been chuffed.i love pieces of furniture that have a story to them..

    • Well thank you very much for your showed interest, it makes me happy. I love to challange myself with new and more complex projects all the time, my main goal is to see what i can accomplish with my hands. Thank so much for you very kind Words. Yes my mom and my whole family were very impressed with this projct and we can’t wait for the summer to come so it can move out in the garden. I also enjoy furniture with a story.

      • Lol there is no need for a thank you!i wonder what you might upcycle next?and for who..I can imagine lots of tall glasses of drinks in the summer and snacks on it’ll become a part of the family if you get what I mean.the type of heirlooms that kind of have that love and age to them.😊

  3. What a great idea! The table turned out beautifully! And thanks for stopping by my blog. It will be fun to keep up with your creative projects.

    • Thank you, I’ve thought about doing this project for many years and I’m so happy now when i finally created it. I am so pleased that others enjoy the things that I’ve been working with so hard, it really makes the time it takes to create them worth it. Thank you once again for you nice comment.

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