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Bunnies on carrot adventure

Bunnies on carrot adventure

Hello everyone!

I have taken some better pictures of the bunny frame I showed you a while back. I wanted you to see it up close and in various angles. The frame is standing on a note book that i made some time ago.

I wish you all a good night, morning, afternoon, evening or day wherever you may be on this earth.



Blue horse


Hi there! The snow has been gone for some days now and the signs of spring are getting more and more obvious. I have a light and colorful watercolor painting I made that has a spring feeling to it.  The painting is a somewhat different take on the traditional Swedish Dala horse (a wooden horse figurine from the province Dalarna,traditionally red) I usually take photos of my work process and it’s no different this time.

For this painting i used:

A pencil, for sketching


Ink pen, for the outlines

Maskingfluid, to cover the parts I didnt want to be blue

Watercolor paint, winsor and Newton, schmincke

Watercolor Paper, The Langton Prestige

Watercolor paintbrush

I wish you all a good evening, night, morning, afternoon or day wherever you may be on this earth.


FIMO Clay, fabric, some thread and a pen


Hello everybody!
Today I thought that I would share another one of my handmade gifts in clay. This time it’s a little bit bigger than the last craft I showed you but this one has so much more details. It took me quite a while to make this frame in clay, I would say maybe two days. When I say two day’s I literally mean that I sat for almost two whole days from start to finish, so my eyes were hurting quite a bit. I always say that the most fun thing with crafts and creating is to see what you can accomplish by yourself, at least that’s what I think. The process of creating can also be fun but I am always looking forward to the finished product and am very pleased with this photo frame. It’s a gift for a friend that just got their first child, a little baby girl, so I thought that a little cute photo frame could be a nice gift for the first time parents.

I started this project by selecting a fitting picture frame in wood. Then I covered the front and the side parts of the frame with FIMO clay. Then the small creations started to take come to life one by one. I wanted the theme for this craft to be forest animals and therefore I choose animals such as hedgehog, bear and squirrel to be on the frame. When all the clay parts were added the frame got a sun vacation in the oven. After that some more details were painted on with acrylic paint and the last touch was to cover the baked clay with FIMO glossy varnish. I am very happy with this clay creation and I hope that the persons it’s intended for will like it to. I created the illustration in the frame mainly on the computer with a Wacom tablet.
When I’m still on the topic about children and nurseries I would like to show you a little bunny pillow alternative a stuffed animal that I sewed. I’ve seen a lot of this type on Pinterest so I thought that I would give it a try myself so this is my version. I think that the fabrics are absolutely adorable and that’s why I picked them for this handcraft. The little bunny will possibly accompany the animal clay picture frame but I’m not sure yet so we just have to wait and see.

I wish that you had a nice time and read with this blog post.
Hope you all have a nice evening, night, day or morning where ever you may be on this earth.

Animals and Wind


Hi !

Now finally the snow is gone but it is kind of windy outside. The snow will not be gone for long becauseI have heard that it is going to be a snow storm very soon.But lets hope not.

I long for the spring to come for real and I’am really looking forward work in the garden.

I have thought for a long time on a thing that I was going to make for a friend. I had so many ideas. But some days ago I just got a great idea. Why don’t I try make a cuddly animal? And so I began with it. I wanted some fun fabric, so I took some fabric leftovers from a dress. I made a pattern out of my mind. And then I  just put the pieces together. I have not had that fun sewing something for a long time. I will definitely make more of them. It was so fun. 🙂



And my friend loved it. So I’ am happy for that:)

I am really into decoupage now a days. You can do so much stuff with it, and it turns out so pretty. I made another trash can with only decoupage. I use pages from an old book and I also printed out some vintage images. I am so in love with it ( can you be in love with a trash can ? but  I like it any ways ). 

I will post some photos soon.

I think that you guys are going to see some watercolor sketches soon on my blogg. It was a while little while since i painted ( i think ). But I will probably come soon.

Hope you guys have a nice evening/day

Bye  Bye

See You Soon