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Carrot on top


Hi everybody! Today I’m back with a post sooner than usual.
I don’t know if you noticed or if I told you before that I enjoy baking. Cakes and cookies are what I love the most to bake but I occasionally also throw together a bread or two. Sometimes I make some extra effort with decorating the baked gods and sometimes I just want to eat as fast as possible. When it’s someone’s birthday or some other special celebration my family always turns to me for this task and I only think it’s fun. A couple of days ago exactly this occurred because it was my brother’s birthday. He wished for a carrot cake with Philadelphia frosting and that’s what he also got from me. I usually make carrot cake whenever so it’s not only reserved for special occasions but because it was for a birthday this time I had to add something extra. So, I made some type of homemade sugar paste and created carrots as cake toppers. This is something that I always wanted to try but never had a reason or the patience to do it during an ordinary day. I am however very happy and pleased that I finally tried it. The birthday carrot cake was one of the best carrot cakes I baked and so very delicious. I know that some people have trouble with having carrots in a cake but in my experience when they well tried it they usually love it. Carrot cake is something special in our family. Our grandmother used to make for us and it is a memory of our childhood.

I hope that you all had a very nice read.
I wish you all a good evening, night, morning and day wherever you may be on this earth.