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With Spring Comes Flowers


Hi !

So now I am really positive that the winter is over. Today is was a very nice day and I just had to be out in the garden. I started to clen upp after the winter, but i can not digg yet because the ground is still frozen. But I have bought flower seeds that I ‘am goning to plant and let them grow inside, and when they are large enough and warmer outside I will plant them in the garden. I have big plans for this garden season. So my to do list is quite long. For example we are going to make our pond biger and get more waterplants. I have so many ideas and things I want to do. Only thing is that I have to wait til is gets warmer. 

So today I started to sketch on a vase of lilacs and some cookies. I think that it is going to be really pretty. I will show it to you guys when i have made more progress. 

I have lots of thing to show you. You now the decoupaged cabinet I have talked about before, well now it is finished( almost, only have to find a place for it) I used vintage greeting cards, images,ads and fabric to decoupage it with.


I will post some more pictures of it later.

Hope you all have a nice day / evening

Bye Bye

See You Soon

Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home

Hi again!
2 or 3 day ago when i started looking through my decoupage box I got an new idea for a painting/decoupage. I found this pretty napkin with the text ” hem ljuva hem’ which means Home sweet home in swedish an though Oh i have to make something of this. And so I did. I don’t really now where I will put it but some where that you can see it.