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Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year


Hey !

Now christmas is over and I feel a little bit empty. But me and my family hade a nice time together even tough it was not a white christmas.

My grandparents got the dollhouse cafe as a present and I can gladly say that they loved it. And it made me very happy because i had spent a long time making it for them. the house was pretty big so it was hard to move it around but it all worked out. There is a nice story behind the cafe I made. When my granfather was young he and his friends went to a cafe in the village. They did not have so much money so they always orderd one lemonade with four straws. And that story inspired me to make a cafe in miniature.

Today I made 2 bracelets, one of them i have alredy posted a photo of and the other one is coming some day.

Bye Bye

See you soon