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Blue horse


Hi there! The snow has been gone for some days now and the signs of spring are getting more and more obvious. I have a light and colorful watercolor painting I made that has a spring feeling to it.  The painting is a somewhat different take on the traditional Swedish Dala horse (a wooden horse figurine from the province Dalarna,traditionally red) I usually take photos of my work process and it’s no different this time.

For this painting i used:

A pencil, for sketching


Ink pen, for the outlines

Maskingfluid, to cover the parts I didnt want to be blue

Watercolor paint, winsor and Newton, schmincke

Watercolor Paper, The Langton Prestige

Watercolor paintbrush

I wish you all a good evening, night, morning, afternoon or day wherever you may be on this earth.


Easter eggs


Hello there!

The days are passing and you would expect it to be spring by now, but the snow keeps on making surprise visits. Its’s quite interesting to see the crocus a spring flower surounded by snow. The sun stays up a bit longer and its more bright now. So that has affected my work in a positive way, I have been and I am working on several watercolor paintings and also some clay things. I have been making some last minute clay easter decorations that I will show you here now.

I want to wish you all a happy Easter!

I hope you all have a nice evening, night, morning, afternoon or day wherever you may be in this world.


Spring in snow

Spring in snow

Hello there!

It’s been talked about that spring was on its way and flowers such as snowdrops have been blooming. Some day ago ice cold winds and snow appeared.

I maybe have mentioned this before, but i have a Watercolor sketchbook where I do smaller drawings and illustrations. The cold weather made me think that it could be nice to see some signs of spring and summer, which I have created in my Watercolor book. I like to have small projects or do a little drawing a day. I love to depict Nature and especially flowers, so that is What I mostly paint.

We had some very beautiful red tulips at home some week ago and so I couldn’t resist to paint one of them as a fast drawing.

I wish you all a good day, evening, night, morning or afternoon wherever you may be on this planet.


I’am Back With Flowers



Its been a long time since I wrote something but I will try to be here more often.

So finally the spring was here but now the summer has taken over and its is getting really warm here. All the flowers blossomed in like a week so its was so beautiful here.But of corse the are coming even more flowers. I have planted a lot of them but not all them wanted to come this year. Flowers I planted last year is blomming now and its is so fun to watch somthing grow from a little plant to a big plant.

I started to paint a flower in watercolor today. So hoppefully I will continue with the painting maybe this evening or another day very soon.

Have a nice evening/day


See you soon Image

With Spring Comes Flowers


Hi !

So now I am really positive that the winter is over. Today is was a very nice day and I just had to be out in the garden. I started to clen upp after the winter, but i can not digg yet because the ground is still frozen. But I have bought flower seeds that I ‘am goning to plant and let them grow inside, and when they are large enough and warmer outside I will plant them in the garden. I have big plans for this garden season. So my to do list is quite long. For example we are going to make our pond biger and get more waterplants. I have so many ideas and things I want to do. Only thing is that I have to wait til is gets warmer. 

So today I started to sketch on a vase of lilacs and some cookies. I think that it is going to be really pretty. I will show it to you guys when i have made more progress. 

I have lots of thing to show you. You now the decoupaged cabinet I have talked about before, well now it is finished( almost, only have to find a place for it) I used vintage greeting cards, images,ads and fabric to decoupage it with.


I will post some more pictures of it later.

Hope you all have a nice day / evening

Bye Bye

See You Soon